NOFOMO living + the Your Turn Challenge


Hello there!  Happy 2015.  As the title may suggest, we are a NOFOMO (No-Fear-Of-Missing-Out) kind of family.

My husband and I have never been the new years resolution type but we do love a good challenge when it comes to self/family improvement.

I stumbled upon this interesting “just ship” challenge through a Seth Godin blog post about blogging something everyday for one week called the #YourTurnChallenge.  So here it goes.  I’m going to try posting everyday this week.

I did ponder for a while about what I want to write about everyday this week.  Honestly, there are so much I want to share with you about the interesting experiences we have been going through as a family ever since we have committed to a not-fear-of-missing-out way of life with ourselves and with raising our two little boys.

So on this first post, I want to make a disclaimer/manifesto about some of the topics I will be sharing.

1.  Just because we do live with habits that may not be the mainstream, it does not mean we do not hang out with people who enjoy the things we don’t.

2. We live in the suburbs but we do not frequent big box stores.

3. Our boys had been raised (so far) in what I would describe as “Analog”.  They are six and three and a half years old and never have they watched a TV program and/or used the computer – that includes iPads and handheld devices.  My husband and I want to do an experiment/challenge to see how hard it is to be completely media free with children.

With that being said – re: our analog kids, both my husband and I LOVE and work in the tech field.  So we are NOT luddites.

4.  Even though we live by a simple is better, less is more, slow is awesome philosophy, we do not hate money, people with money, beautiful things, things and ideas of quality or people who like facebook etc.

5.  We are interested exploring how learning and education can be different than what my husband and I grew up with – going to school, earning your “stripes” and one’s place in the world through this tradition system.  In other words we have become a homeschooling family and I will be sharing a lot of our NOFOMO experience through the insights of homeschooling and/or one can use the term unschooling.

6.  Last but not least – we are two first generation Chinese/Canadian kids (which spent our early years in Hong Kong) that got together when we were in our mid-twenties and feed our kids chicken feet, play them Dustin O’ Halloran in the car and we drink bone broths (almost) everyday not because it is cool.

I look forward to writing more tomorrow!

Much warmth,

It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I last posted.  I have not abandoned this, if anything I cannot stop thinking about all the things I want to write here and it can be overwhelming.

I needed to take some time to re-access the direction I would like to take on with this blog.  There is so much to share to the point I had started to feel disorganized.  The voice in my head would remind me that I needed to continue to share what i’ve been learning because this parenting journey had been so enriching, educational, inspiring and rewarding that it would be selfish to keep to myself.

One of the biggest decision we’ve made recently was that we would like to try on the journey of homeschooling our boys.  This endeavour had been most exhilarating and overwhelming to me since like most people, I grew up going through the traditional school system.  Especially in the culture I grew up in (Chinese), the homeschooling concept does not exist – at least not in the last hundred years.

So here I am, again finding myself yet at another juncture where a decision is made for the development of our family culture that requires swimming up yet another stream with our current society.  Thankfully, when I started to dig around I discovered that there is a really sweet and supportive homeschooling group in our area and furthermore the support over the internet is astounding!  Many people have homeschooled and many more are starting to as well.  Knowing this, I am feeling quite safe and encouraged to give this all my efforts.

So diving into deep research and learning mode I went and here I am coming up for a little air to say hello and want to update on what type of things I will be sharing in the next little while.

Through my research on homeschooling, so far I’ve learned to deepen my rhythm at home as well as gained much new insight on how we all really learn as human beings, from both a scientific and emotional standpoint.  In a way, I’m actually homeschooling myself on homeschooling and the journey had been fun and eye-opening.

For instance, I just finished a workshop in the past weekend on the introduction to Anthroposophic Medicine and learned all about how to help my family to “Thrive through Illness” with the incomporable and gifted Trish Mcphee, and ER nurse practitioner from Grass Valley CA.  My mind and soul are so content with all this new knowledge on how to really facilitate my little boys, husband and friends during times of illness that I am looking forward practicing what I’ve learn the next time they are sick as well as sharing these experiences here.

Also, I’m working on a little e-guide on helping expecting mothers weave through all the baby consumer material minutiae that comes towards you as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.  I want to help these mothers-to-be to consider a simple and clutter-free first year into motherhood so they can focus on their connection with their new baby.

Until the next post, here is a wonderful essay on some of the things we should be aware of saying to our little ones:
10 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids (and What to Say Instead)

I hope this winter had been good to you and your family so far and that you were able to find some time to do some reflecting and renewing after the business of the holiday season.  I am excited to connect and share more with you soon.

With warmth and love,

Our little Nasturtium seedlings that we planted on Imbolc/Candlemas (Groundhog Day).

Our little Nasturtium seedlings that we planted on Imbolc/Candlemas (Groundhog Day).