Hello, my name is Grace and here on Plenty Of Simple I will be writing about my parenting experience.  My goal is to share with you our journey in raising two boys with strength, integrity, empathy, creativity and wonderment.

I am part of a family of five – three males, an eight year old female Irish Terrier plus me.  Oldest male, my husband (Vince) then comes two of the most interesting and sweet little boys, Smartie – his internet name 🙂 – is 5.5 and  Smudge – also his internet name – is 3 years old (as of July 2014).  We live in a house surrounded by trees, ferns and moss, across a beautiful river in the Pacific Northwest.  The air is sweet and we wake up to the sounds of birds and Douglas squirrels chirping very morning.

I want to share here and connect with like-minded parents and friends about the ways we have adopted to raising our little boys.  For by today’s standards, we have discovered that our methods are not necessary conventional.  So far we have been media/screen-free and (mostly) sugar-free.  For us it is a very back-to-basics approach.   Since 2009 we have discovered the Waldorf-inspired way to raising a family.  We found its philosophies resonate with how we want to develop our very own family culture, one that we feel will suit how we are envisioning our family will become.  I will be writing about our thoughts and experiences on how we have been working towards living with simplicity,  without compromising our integrity, joy, faith, hope and most importantly our love for our family.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please do drop me a comment, or email me at grace[at]plentyofsimple.com,  it would be a delight to connect with you.

PHOTO CREDIT:  All photos on this site are all taken by me or my husband unless otherwise credited.  Please contact me at grace (at) plentyofsimple.com if you have inquiries regarding the photos.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Grace,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our little guy is 4 months old as of yesterday. I, too, began this journey without knowledge of the importance of rhythm and simplicity in our lives, and I am so grateful to be learning it now. Your post on rhythm, along with other Waldorf-inspired ideas, has helped me to embark on a new kind of journey with this little being – one that I know is best for him (and mama and dad!).

    Your post about not “over-talking” to little ones is so helpful. We are taught to “talk, talk, talk” to kids — even babies! — in order to hurry up their language and cognitive skills. I’ve just started to question this myself, and I’ve realized that it has felt unnatural from the beginning. I’ve been “talk, talk, talk”-ing to our son as though he’s an adult, despite that it seemed awkward, and I think I ignored his discomfort with this because “talking” is what I’m “supposed” to do. How great our intuition can be when we listen to it! Thank you for helping me to feel assured that it is ok to treat him like the wondrous — non-adult! — little being that he is.

    Whew. My soul is stirred by these ideas. Thank you for helping me to engage with them.

    Love to you and yours.

    • Dear Selena,

      A big virtual kindred spirit wave to you!! Thank you, thank you, for your wonderful comment. My apologies for taking so long to reply, I’ve been so behind in blogging lately. Fall/winter is such a busy season with family visits and so many holidays and celebrations.

      I am so happy that you have found me. It is so nice to connect with such conscious and deeply nurturing mamas like you. It is amazing that you are so early in the game to discover rhythm and the desire to protect your baby through the wisdom of keeping it simple. You will be so rewarded, as I can say that we have been so.

      I hope we will get to connect more in the near future and it would be such a delight to hear about you and how your family is growing.

      With deep gratitude and love,

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