My First Product Review: Aster + Bay, Plenty Of Goodness for Your Skin

Hello there, I’m still on the horse on day 4 of this post-for-7-days- #YourTurnChallenge. Woohoo!

It actually feels really great to be pushing myself to write more this way. Not worrying about how perfect each post should sound, perfect grammar and spelling and if anyone is actually reading this…

Today I want to share something that I’ve been wanting to for a while now. Somehow I thought it may not be on the original theme of this blog – simplicity, parenting, NOFOMO lifestyle, etc. But what the heck I am going to write about this anyway AND maybe this will become a first of many for a new segment for this blog.

So here it goes. It is about the things or products I have found that I think is amazing, brilliant and worthy of spending precious time writing about. These will be either something I have already tried, or something I would like to try in the future. Things I feel have or will have great benefits myself and my family. I’m going to call this section/category Simple Good Things.


My first share on Simple Good Things today is an amazing skincare product. I feel a bit awkward in sharing this for I feel it is personal and subjective when it comes to one’s hygiene regimen, but then I realize, this blog is a place I want to share all the good things that I have learned and discovered so yes, I am going to tell you about it to my heart’s content.

It is a little natural skincare company from Atlanta called Aster and Bay. I know there are a lot of “natural” products out there these days but so far, my skin had been feeling the best ever since I started using their products.

Before committing to trying the products from Aster and Bay, I have always been very simple with my skincare routine. I clean my face with just water, no soap and put on a little Avocado Oil afterwards. I use the same oil for the rest of my body as well. Sometimes I switch to Sweet Almond Oil for my hands and body because it is simple, pure and economical. Then I came across an article last fall that had a facial cleansing oil by Aster and Bay.


I was immediately intrigued because I rarely come across a skincare maker that promotes using an oil to “clean” the face. For some reason that was the hook for me. It made total sense. And when I read the ingredient list and the instruction on how to use it, I felt compelled to try. Trust me, after reading their product descriptions like this one, you will want to try everything they have to offer.

I am quite discerning with anything I buy, for budget reasons of course but mainly I abide by the “Buy Less, Choose Well” model as a consumer.  Therefore I do a lot of research and I am not easily sold on things.   My gut tells me what this comapny is doing is definitely worth trying.  On top what I feel is a superior product, I love the fact that it is not over marketed, their message is simple, clear and straightforward.  Everything is hand-crafted and it is such a bonus that it is created by a mother of small children.  Knowing that I will be supporting other entrepreneurial mother made it that much better.

I don’t want to cut and paste what is written from their website. Click on the links and indulge yourself for the next little while. I ended up purchasing the Travel Kit (I picked the Glow Serum with this kit) because I felt this was the best way to sample what I wanted to try.



These products are truly as amazing as the description. I have never felt so in love with a skincare product.  After each use, especially with the Dandelion Face Grains, the skin on my face have never felt so soft and so happy. Now please know that I was not unhappy with my no frills way of taking care of my skin before, though I always felt I had dry skin patches in different areas, these Aster + Bay goodies really took care of that plus the over all condition of my face.

Compare to before, my face felt so so much softer, not to mention the bonus of the smells of the amazing ingredients.  I am usually not into things that has a strong fragrance, especially I can tell right away if something is chemically enhanced.   These oils smelled real.  It smelled soft and nurturing.  It felt simple yet enriching to my skin.

To all you hardworking mothers out there, you NEED this to start you day with!  You will thank me for it.

Much love and warmth,

Note: After 4 months of using this product in travel kit size, I am only halfway through each bottle.  I am pleasantly surprised as to how lasting these products are so far.  Another win.


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