Smartie’s Unintentionally Vegan + Paleo Yam Mash-Up

Hello there, my 3rd day posting in a row here!  Woohoo!
I feel like writing about something a little different for a change today.

I want to share with you something brilliant that nonchalantly happened right before dinner time. Smartie our six year old (his internet name 🙂 – inspired by one of the beautiful stories James Herriot, “Smudge the Lost Lamb” ), came up with this really amazing side dish out of the blue that is so completely on (health) trend and hipster that I must share with you all.

It is super easy, lip-smackingly delicious and it is unintentionally vegan and paleo to boot!

So here it goes, my first ever recipe share on this blog. Hope you will find it as tasty as we all did.  Note: I am guessing there may be variations on this recipe for a next little while to come because…well, read on.


VeganYamMashUp VeganYamMashUp2



We were clearing out the basement and Smarty found in the “give away” box a kitchen tool that I felt was not all that useful. It is a food mill we got years ago when we were trying to figure out the baby food situation. Smarty was obsessively curious about it – a strong trait of his. He felt a need to understand how it is can be used.

So I found the closest thing to a potato – yams for him to try the mill with. I peeled, chopped them into large chunks and popped them into a pot with a steaming tray. Ten minutes later they were cooked, soft and ready for the food mill to do its job.

I had planned to put some butter and salt in and that was that.

As I walked away to give him some space to nerd out on this kitchen tool, Smartie requested that he wanted to add Hemp Hearts into the mash. Hmm, okay not at bad idea!

Five minutes into his mashing yam bliss, he went to the pantry himself and brought out some toasted Black Sesame Seeds and sprinkled it in. By this point, I knew to not say anything and/or interrupt the beautiful mash up that was happening.

He threw in a pinch of salt at the end and voila, we’ve got this absolutely amazing, universally child + baby friendly, vegan and paleo of a side dish added to our supper this evening.

How can I not share this with you?!

This is my 3rd day of taking on this #YourTurnChallenge and so far I have yet to miss a day.  I’ve decided to give myself the freedom to not stick to a specific plan, just some notes taken down in the beginning of the week to inspire myself to share everyday this week. So far so good!

I am grateful to come across this opportunity to work on a creative habit that I have been putting off, and had been reading some fantastic stories on the YourTurnChallenge website where I am posting also. (You can find my last two posts here and here or my blog).

I hope you will try out Smartie’s latest creation and let me know what you think! I’m thinking adding a splash of Bragg instead of salt would be a nice touch too.  The ingredients and directions below. Enjoy!

Until tomorrow.

Much warmth,


Total cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4 adults as a side dish



  1. Peel yams.
  2. Chop yams into toddler fist sized chunks.
  3. Place peeled yam chunks into a pot with a steam tray – I used this one.
  4. Steam for 15 mins.
  5. Mash them up with all the ingredients together.

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