Nap of Plenty

Leland at 1.5 months old

Leland at 1.5 months old

The definition of a NAP:  a brief period of sleep, especially one taken during daytime.

Naps are serious business in our household.  It was not like that when I was growing up, I don’t recall a time where a nap was considered and suggested to me.  Although I do remember my father coming home in the afternoon and napped for an hour after lunch time.  There was so much guilt around sleep throughout my life until I became a mother.  I was told by many when Leland was born: “Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

It was not easy for me, this sleeping business.  I’m still a night owl and I know I am sleep deprived.  I’m not really sure when that will change but one thing for sure, both my boys are champion sleepers and I am so grateful for that.  I use to think sleeping was for the weak, for the ones who “can’t handle it”.  Witnessing the extreme benefits of sleep through our boys was an epiphany for me.

I will be writing a lot more about this topic because my new understandings on sleep has changed my life and my family’s life in the most profound ways.

Until then, I wish everyone good sleeps and sleeping habits 🙂



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